Excursion To Monteverde and Frank’s Birthday!

Hola from Monteverde! Today is a very special day not only because we went to Monteverde but also because it’s Frank’s birthday! We woke up extra early this morning and started our day off by looking at the beautiful sunrise. Then, after a delicious breakfast, we took a long but well worth it bus ride to Monteverde, which is one of the most biodiverse places in the world! We walked around some of the shops, got a lot of great souvenirs and food, connected to Wifi, and then headed off to take a hike through the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve! We saw a lot of beautiful nature and wildlife, and at the very top we got to see a waterfall. Afterwards, we went back on the bus to go zip lining! Even though we were a little nervous, we all had a blast zip lining over the beautiful Costa Rican land. We got to go on the longest zip line in Latin America, which was really cool. Some of us even went up and down on a rope like bungee jumping and swung back and forth like Tarzan! Afterwards, we stopped at a cafe for some tea, coffee, and WiFi. Then we walked around town and shopped a little more, and then went to the Treehouse for dinner, which is listed as one of the world’s top 10 most bizarre restaurants. The Treehouse is a restaurant built around a massive tree, which was super cool. We ate some delicious food for dinner, headed back to our community, and were finally off to bed. We can’t wait to tell you all about tomorrow’s adventures! Buenas noches!

—Sloane S. & Rachel B.

Group photo from before ziplining.
Midway through ziplining.
Ride to next zipline.
Ready to start!