June 14: Departure Day, Chicago to Liberia

In support of program and student safety, all details regarding specific travel and accommodations are available in the parent/guardian digital locker under Essential Information.

June 14: Playa Hermosa

Spend the first day of the program at a locally-owned and family-run hotel just steps away from the beautiful beach and calm waves of Playa Hermosa. Settle into Costa Rican life, get to know your group, learn about the history and ecology of Costa Rica, and discuss what to expect in the days to come.

June 15 – 20: Pozo Azul, Community Service Village

From Playa Hermosa, travel southeast to our community service village, Pozo Azul — our home for the next week. Work together with the local community to complete a series of construction, education, and agricultural projects. Evenings are spent immersing ourselves in the local culture through activities and events such as hiking to a nearby swimming hole, playing fútbol with Costa Rican friends, or joining local women in the kitchen to learn how to make traditional cuisine.

June 21: Return Day, Liberia to Chicago